Hundred Years’ Encounter


Narrative feature-length film script, Comedy, English and Chinese, 90 minutes, 2013

Austin X Huang, PhD, Composer

One of the most prominent Chinese artists currently based in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Austin Huang, a native of China, is both a mining engineer and a composer, with a total of 14 musical pieces performed in America and China.  — NOVEMBER 27, 2013 BY NORTHWEST ASIAN WEEKLY

Dr Austin Huang, Honorary Affiliate Professor of Music, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, USA

We are so proud to release Dr. Huang’s “Winter Duet” for Hundred Years’ Encounter as the music composition by the character, Patrick Dvorak, the modern master composer. Dr. Huang’s work shows the confidence and excellency of the modern music artist Patrick whose talent makes him too proud to be humble. This short music piece demonstrates well how domineering Patrick can be in his art as well as in his marriage. His charisma, however, constrains his wife, Shuyu’s ambition as a composer, and thus the story begins. We hope you enjoy this piece of music as well as advance your anticipation and support of our feature length film project “Hundred Years Encounter.”


Dazzling piano music fills a Virginian hillside where a modern mansion sits on top of a hill, away from its rural neighborhood …

by Liem Li

It’s not easy to leave a wealthy and famous husband for the unknown world. The desperate Chinese wife ventures to rediscover herself and love.


“Culture and the past are my soul–can you imagine one living without one’s soul?” asked Shuyu in the story “Desperate Chinese Wife” by author Anna Ma. This is a question Ma might well have asked herself after she left Taiwan to attend college in the U.S. and decided to reside in Virginia. In the story Shuyu, Patrick, and Bryan explore whether differences are deficits while Shuyu explores different kinds of love.  — Ann McCracken, Ph.D.(Retired University Professor, Published Author, & Fulbright Scholar)” This is a touching cross-cultural account of a Chinese lady who bravely pursues her true love.”— Liping Liu, Ph.D.(Dartmouth College and Harvard University in Linguistic Arts)

by Liem Li

I think the story is realistic and touching. It calls attention to cultural differences in a tender and heartfelt way. Anna Ma’s screenplay is a story that invites reconciliation and acceptance between different cultures in a manner that both cultures can appreciate.— Dale Hoover, Ph.D. (Professor of Humanities, Edison State College, Florida)