Kuei-Lan Anna Ma, MFA, PhD




Independent Filmmaker


Born in 1965 in Taipei, Taiwan, Kuei-Lan Anna Ma graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in 1989 and then came to the U.S. to receive a M.F.A. degree in Filmmaking and later a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts at at Ohio University in Athens.  She had made two short films in 16mm film at film school, Waiting for Spring and Really? Riddy? Riddy?, one tragedy and the other comedy.  She wanted to explore different narrative genres from her point of view as a female filmmaker as well as an immigrant in the new land.  Her book Symbolist Films: The Metaphorical Expression of Narrative Films defines symbolist films as the films with dualistic schemes to convey two layers of meanings.

Ma has written a couple of screenplays including: The ReturnThe Story of the SeaHundred Years’ EncounterLunar Relatives, and Romeo and Benvolio.  Ma eventually submitted Lunar Relatives to a few festivals and it has won two best screenplay prizes and two finalist screenplays at the competitions.   In 2022, Ma produced and directed her first feature, Romeo and Benvolio, which will have its premiere around the summer of 2023.