Anna Ma, MFA, PHD

Kuei-Lan Anna Ma, M.F.A. in film and Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary arts, is an independent filmmaker and script writer. She was also an assistant professor of East Asian Language and Literatures. She has made a few short films and written four feature length film scripts.  A forever film lover, her recent publications on film studies include Prospero’s Books vs. The TempestA Synthesis of Shakespeare’s Ideas and Style into Film Form” (2003) and Symbolist Films: The Metaphorical Expression of Narrative Films (2011).

For script writing, Dr. Ma has devoted many years focusing on the genre of romantic comedy.  With this genre, she wishes to explore the complexity of human conditions and inner struggles.  By creating various non-villain but interesting antagonists, Dr. Ma aims to create dramatic conflicts but not the conflicts in the real world.  Nevertheless, the traveling plots embedded in her stories further shows her wish for global harmony.  Memory is another subject Dr. Ma means to explore.  To tell fantastic stories enriched with the collision of visuals and contents is always Dr. Ma’s approach to cinematic art.